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What Can We Make Happen over the

Next 10 Years?


Industry Reimagined 2030: Over next decade we will have brought about a generational sea-change in U.S. Industry

Step into the year 2030 and U.S. manufacturing’s global competitiveness contributes to the common good, revitalizes communities, provides meaningful employment, and transforms the environmental footprint leading to a massive increase in national pride

Industry Reimagined 2030 is the catalyst for national associations, institutes and companies of all sizes to collaborate and speak with a unified, compelling voice for this vibrant future. 


Standing in 2030 U.S. industry will have:

  • added $1 trillion to the economy (40% increase)

  • added 5 million manufacturing jobs

  • established 50,000 world-class domestic manufacturing small – medium– large enterprises

  • reduced the environmental footprint by 50%. 


Industry will have bridged the chasm from innovators to mainstream.  In 2020, there is a population of innovative business executives reimagining operations, investing in domestic opportunities, rethinking execution, and achieving business success.  We will have scaled lessons and capabilities through national organizations. 

  • SMEs will now achieve 12% cost of goods improvement in 18 months and be world-class competitive in 3 years

This reimagined future for industry is bold, inspiring and it is not impossible. 

In accomplishing this future, what will need to be true?

1. We will have shifted the existing context of manufacturing from one of inevitable decline to one of vibrant opportunity

2. We built upon the foundations of 2020 and not those of 10 or even 5 years ago

3. Opportunities previously not-well know became widely visible

4. The entire manufacturing sector started speaking with a unified voice

A new narrative for industry is unfolding

The old worldview is all most people know

Today we speak with many uncoordinated voices limiting our impact

Industry Reimagined 2030 is causing a shift in mindset

Prompting decision makers to new investment opportunities

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The greater danger lies not in setting our aim to high and falling short; but in setting our aim to low and achieving our mark.


If this message resonates ...  


Industry is inclusive of all the sectors of making, producing and supplying - manufacturing, production, extraction, distribution, whole-sale, retail, logistics, operations. 

We are building a holistic worldview of people-process-technology-leadership.


Innovative and cost-effective technologies and processes to revitalize Industry now exist.  We have a spectrum of educational channels that can reach everyone.  


The 21st century hyper-competitive landscape is irreversible.  We now recognize how vital Industry is to providing domestic security, meaningful work and socio-economic prosperity for ALL. 


A wave of creative destruction is affecting all sectors.  It is easy to see the destruction. For many Americans, daily life is no longer stable, secure and improving. 

The way ahead is through our collective imagination, aiming higher and more inclusively than ever before.

If this message resonates ...  

One Decade from Now


In the single decade between 2010 - 2020, we transformed commerce.  In 2010, few recognized the tectonic shifts that would rattle every business sector.  The businesses and jobs disappearing or moving overseas were highly visible. Many businesses and careers now in demand did not yet exist. 


In 2020, we are at a similar inflection point and the financial prize is similarly huge. Digital technologies are altering fundamental processes.  Demographics are altering the workplace. The pace is accelerating. 


We can make a lot can happen in 10 years.

Industry Reimagined 2030



WE are revitalizing Industry and contributing to a new level of prosperity for business, individual, community and society.



The 21st century economy is volatile with continual disruption

    Technology is altering the entire landscape for Industry, workplace and worker

        A new socio-economic ethos is present and strengthening

            A workforce is trending to digital natives with distinctly different values

                 Environmental concerns are becoming mainstream


When business leaders shift into this new world order new, huge opportunities come into view





Mutual prosperity for business, individual, community and society

Good, meaningful work as a source of competitive advantage

Technology that augments human contribution

Collaborative dialogue to uncover hidden opportunities

Neighborhoods of helpful assistance


WE are unfolding a transformational narrative to infuse this mindset and embolden action. 

Industry Reimagined 2030

Launch Event

             Date: unscheduled


             Duration: 1 hour

We invite you to participate with business leaders from around the United States in the launch of Industry Reimagined 2030.  Hear the co-founders share the mission and business executives explain their business rationale to invest in the U.S. and benefit our workforce and communities.

We are planning a series of virtual forums to co-create the Narrative, the New Mindset and to discover and unfold opportunities which make a difference at a broad scale.

Register and we will keep you posted on the latest news.

Our Approach

Paint picture.jpg

Paint a vivid, holistic picture that is an invitation to open the door, step outside and see, sense, feel the emerging future.


Craft language that provides clear contrasts between conversations based in the old world order and conversations causing the emerging future


A breakthrough guidebook to accelerate your progress to world-class, encompassing tools, technology and education.


Build a Neighborhood for you to engage, contribute, learn and network ... having the Narrative take on a life of its own.

If this message resonates ...