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What are Reimagine Dialogues?  They are a structured conversation in which participants are guided into the year 2030 and are reimagining their business and operations. 

Why?  Looking back on the past 10 years, there have been significant changes and disruptions which impacted business. Many companies were caught off guard and unprepared. Going forward, there will be further disruptions in the environment surrounding a business. Vibrant opportunities await those companies acting with foresight and preparedness.  Distress awaits those companies caught reacting.

Providing you with foresight is the aim of Reimagined Dialogues. Reimagine Dialogues are not about making plans or developing strategies. The aim is stepping away from today’s world and thinking possibilities from the world in 2030: what our business might look like given all the changes.

Agenda  (duration 2 hours)

  • Introductions

  • A few tools for future think

  • Discussion and small breakouts: Disruptive trends with significant impact and implications

  • Discussion and small breakouts: Stepping out of your current operations and into the year 2030 and boldly speculating on impact of trends on business growth and operations.

  • Sharing insights and ideas

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