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What aspect of change is typically most challenging? Mindset.


Industry Reimagined 2030 is a conversation for a shifting the mindset. A mindset of opportunities to revitalize U.S. industry, workplace and workforce, based in deeply appreciating ways the old world order is giving way to the new.  


Current forces have shifted the underlying precepts of industry, causing new opportunities and new risks.

1. The 4th Industrial Revolution

2. The shifting landscape of global supply chains

3. A heightened view of socio-economic disparity

4. Shifting workforce demographics

5. Environmental impact and sustainability


We characterize these shifts as an Old Game giving way to the New Game. The Old Game playbook included off-shoring, out-sourcing, large scale for high volume, low-risk investments. On the commercial side, the New Game playbook of the previous decade saw eCommerce, social media-driven trends, 1-day delivery, new business models, reduced barriers to entry, product—as-a-service, and lean start-ups. From now on, the New Game leverages IIoT, artificial intelligence, agile supply chains, real-time information, and a digitally native workforce to improve outcomes for everyone.

Old Game – New Game aims to help you make sense of the emerging new order and discover new opportunities for your enterprise. Thriving in the 21st century requires a new mindset, a (new set of lenses). An analog is a business leader who changed careers from a corporate position to an entrepreneur. Almost overnight, their worldview of opportunities, workplace, and culture shifted. The Old Game – New Game language is to assist you to figuratively walk out your front door and see a world irreversibly altered. Consider the Old Game giving way to the New Game along a continuum. We aim to stimulate insights and productive dialog and short-circuit unproductive arguments. 

Let's look at our world through the Old Game - New Game lens. Where do you see promising potential?


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