REIMAGINE LEAN Questionnaire


Learning from our collective experience with the LEAN model


The LEAN model in its many forms including  Lean Manufacturing, Operations Excellence, TWI, Shingo, Toyota Production System, Lean/Six sigma has always been evolving in response to the changing needs of the 'business community.'  This questionnaire is being conducted by a working collaboration among leading LEAN practitioners to advance the systematic use of LEAN in enterprises of all sizes.  The aim is (1) to raise the level of global competitiveness and effectiveness for U.S. manufacturing (2) to improve the deployment in organizations already using LEAN; (3) to reach organizations familiar with but yet not deploying LEAN.   Your experience, results and insights will assist us to adapt LEAN to changing needs. 


This contains both multiple choice and open-ended questions.  In open-end questions we are looking for your immediate impressions.  We are not looking for considered thoughtfulness.  We will be using linguistic analysis for those questions. 


The questionnaire will take under 8 minutes.  


If you provide contact information, we will provide you with a copy of the analysis and your responses will be confidential.