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Meet the Team



Doug Berger


Founder, Industry Reimagined 2030

Doug is the founder of Industry Reimagined 2030.  A leading expert on enterprise transformation and disruptive growth strategies.


Previously he founded several business advisory firms tackling wicked problems that could not be addressed with conventional approaches.  He lead breakthrough initiatives in manufacturing and supply chains for chemicals, technology, natural resources and consumer products. He has educated and coached thousands of people in learning a breakthrough skill set, an approach to realizing bold outcomes that are beyond current capabilities.


Doug developed the a2i2 Smart Manufacturing benchmark assessment.

Doug is a trailblazer of transforming bold possibilities into results. He is a national speaker and author, The Breakthrough Mindset.

Lyman Tschantz.jfif

Lyman Tschanz


Lyman provides business consulting and leadership support for industrial companies of all sizes in the areas of supply chain and manufacturing strategy, operational improvements, and general management.  Provides practical working knowledge in developing and implementing smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 strategies.


Most recently he was Vice President of Operations for Rockwell Automation, where he managed 18 global manufacturing facilities to produce a complex mix of automation products in a smart manufacturing environment.  While with Rockwell Automation he also provided advice to Fortune 500 leaders regarding  Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing.

Lyman is a national speaker with focus on Industry 4.0.  He is a leader in the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce association, advisor to the Connected Systems Institute at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, engaged with the Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing and Productivity and a Regent for the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  He is a member of the National Association of Manufacturers.

Lyman has a BSME and MBA from the University of Wisconsin.

Glenn Marshall.jpg

Glenn Marshall


Newport News Shipping (retired)

Glenn Marshall is on the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) management team leading a Renaissance for Manufacturing As A Desirable Career. This initiative is designed to reduce the critical shortage of skilled workers for advanced  technology and manufacturing for the New Collar Workforce..


He was the benchmarking / process excellence champion for Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS). This position required him to indentify performance gaps and then finding industry best practices to address those issues, and then deploying them. He was engaged with all levels of the corporation, supply chain, and the Navy. He led the proposal team for the Navy’s Lean Initiative Task Force.


He continues to work with NNS in its outreach to the public schools and colleges on Career Pathways initiatives.

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