Meet the Team



Doug Berger


Doug is the founding member of Industry Reimagined 2030.  A leading expert on enterprise transformation and disruptive growth strategies. He leads breakthrough initiatives in manufacturing and supply chains for chemicals, technology, natural resources and consumer products. 


The NxGen Group are catalysts for transformative impact through the adoption of Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0).  NxGen addresses the  friction points that are limiting the adoption and time to value of smart manufacturing investments.  Doug developed the a2i2 Smart Manufacturing benchmark assessment.

Doug is a trailblazer of transforming bold possibilities into results. He is a national speaker and author, The Breakthrough Mindset.


Michele Nash-Hoff


Michele is on the board of the San Diego Inventors Forum and is Chair of the California chapter of the Coalition for a Prosperous America.


She is the author of 'Rebuild Manufacturing – the key to American Prosperity' which is a sequel to 'Can American Manufacturing Be Saved?  Why We Should and How We Can' available at

Michele served as the Managing Member of two start-up business incubators for start-up companies.  The National Business Incubation Association published Michele’s first book, For Profit Business Incubators in 1998.


She writes blog articles for and  Michele speaks  widely on rebuilding U.S. manufacturing.

Tim Stuart ProfilePic.jpg

Tim Stuart


Tim Stuart is Founder and President of Visual Decisions, Inc.  Visual Decisions is at the forefront of optimizing manufacturing and business operations through the combination of Lean, Six Sigma, Visualization and Data Analysis.  


His team has been working across industries including Automotive, Industrial, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food and Beverage and Life Sciences for the past 25 years.  Visual Decisions' clients achieve rapid, measurable outcomes in deploying Industry 4.0.    Clients report gains of 30% OEE, 50% reduction in scrap and 25% improvement in throughput. 

Tim has two degrees in Operations Research from the University of Illinois.

Glenn Marshall.jpg

Glenn Marshall


Newport News Shipping (retired)

Glenn Marshall is on the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) management team leading a Renaissance for Manufacturing As A Desirable Career. This initiative is designed to reduce the critical shortage of skilled workers for advanced  technology and manufacturing for the New Collar Workforce..


He was the benchmarking / process excellence champion for Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS). This position required him to indentify performance gaps and then finding industry best practices to address those issues, and then deploying them. He was engaged with all levels of the corporation, supply chain, and the Navy. He led the proposal team for the Navy’s Lean Initiative Task Force.


He continues to work with NNS in its outreach to the public schools and colleges on Career Pathways initiatives.