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Meet the Team



Doug Berger


A leading expert on enterprise transformation and disruptive growth strategies. He has led breakthrough initiatives in manufacturing and supply chains for chemicals, technology, natural resources and consumer products. 


The NxGen Group are catalysts for transformative impact through the adoption of Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0).  NxGen addresses the  friction points that are limiting the adoption and time to value of smart manufacturing investments.  Doug developed the a2i2 Smart Manufacturing benchmark assessment.

Doug is a trailblazer of transforming bold possibilities into results. He is a national speaker and author, The Breakthrough Mindset.

Julie Fraser.jpg

Julie Fraser

VP Manufacturing Research, Tech-Clarity


Julie is passionate about how industrial companies can succeed by continually innovating not only with new technology, but also in processes, organization, culture, and mindset.  The big picture of Industry 4.0 and its benefits is always the context. Her 35+ years focused on industry have brought her into a wide range of facilities, production modes, and IT environments.


Tech-Clarity's mission is to make the business value of technology clear and help manufacturers educate themselves on the intelligent use of enterprise and social software. Julie’s practice focuses on plant floor opportunities and challenges.


She also is a lifetime member of MESA International. There, she currently leads the Smart Manufacturing Community Groups.

Bill Grieco.jpg

Bill Grieco


The Rapid Advancement in Process Intensification Deployment (RAPID) Manufacturing Institute is one of 15 Manufacturing USA institutes created as public-private partnerships to secure America's future through manufacturing innovation, education, and collaboration.  RAPID was formed to transform the process industries through process intensification and modular manufacturing.

Bill is an entrepreneurial business and innovation leader who has taken opportunities from early stage concept through commercial deployment in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cleantech and energy industries.  He is passionate about streamlining innovation processes and seeing that new distributed, sustainable, and resilient manufacturing infrastructure is deployed across industries to create jobs, drive economic development, and help communities prosper.

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